My sampler quilt

Sampler quilt is the name given to a quilt composed of a certain number of different patchwork blocks. You don’t get to choose the blocks you are going to make in this kind of project. Instead, you follow the lead of the teacher. These are the 8 blocks my teacher has chosen to be the first ones each new quilter should learn during what she calls The Basic Course. After a while following tutorials from magazines or web sites I’ve decided to “start from scratch” and learn what only a teacher can teach you.

It has all started with this fabric, which I find BEAUTIFUL. Although not very common, I love fabric with black background. And while working on the first step of the quilt making, which is choosing the shades of colors you are going to use, the only thing I was sure of was that I wanted to use black as the background color of my sampler quilt. This beautiful flowered fabric will be used on the boarders of the quilt only, but I haven’t got there yet. So far I have learned how to calculate the right amount of fabric needed for this project (or any project), how to cut the fabric in order to avoid waste, how to “build” these 8 specific blocks and how to put them together. As you can see in the picture they are not alltogether yet, for this is my homework. And next class I’ll learn how to add the boarders and to finish up the quilt. This will only happen in June but I’m already looking forward to it!

My favorite block so far is called Churn Dash. It’s the one on the left corner on the bottom of the picture.


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  1. Great post… but, i did not understand why it was in english… Hugs and have a nice weekend! Sorry for my broken english… I have been learned deutch lately…


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